Removing pending / unaccepted friend request on Facebook

Update (2013):
No need of following old process. Use “Activity log” on Facebook for viewing whom you have sent friend request. Go to your timeline and click “Activity Log” on right left down corner of your cover picture.

Old Process:
As the previous method of removing pending friend request is not working and facebook has turned of the feature to view pending friend requests, many of my blog readers ask me to find a new method for removing pending friend request from facebook. Its a kinda trick works even you forgot whom you have sent friend request.

1. First of all your need to create a “Friend List” using the lists feature in facebook. Go to this link while you are logged in the facebook. Then click “Create List” button to create a sample list.

2. After the we need to navigate to our sample list that we have recently created. Like the figure below we will see a form (red square box). We need to add our friend requested friends here.

3. Try guessing the names and type the name in the “Add friends to this list”. Like if you have sent a friend request to some one whose name begins with “A” then try to type from “A” then “Aa” then “Ab” and go on.  It will show up a list along with your unaccepted friends. For all 26 letters do the same. Add all unknown/ pending persons you have found in this list or who are not friends with you on facebook.

4. After adding all the pending requests, the list will be looks like something below.

5. Now right click the profile image of the pending friend and open in new tab. You will found that the person is pending your request. Now you can easily cancel friend request from their profile.

This is the best method if you have forgot the names whom you have sent friend requests. And also works if you don’t find the names using normal facebook search.

Don’t forget to ask me by commenting here if you face any problem using this trick.

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